About My Sweet Days

My Sweet Days is a consultancy dedicated to the selection and placement of Nurses back from maternity, Nannies, Housekeepers and Guardians.

My Sweet Days aims to offer your children much more that a babysitting solution. Our professionals aspire to participate in wellbeing of your child, using their experience and their knowledge in a field which is their true passion.

Our recruitment procedures and our requirements live up to our customers’ standards. This is why we undergo a rigorous pre-selection process of the candidates. We systematically assess their quality before you meet them for a first interview.

With our experience, we also advise on the planning, the salary, the conditions and the applicant’s role in the family.

« Tuning in to your needs»

We are aware that the situation of each of our customers is unique, which is why we carefully assess your needs and your environment, making sure your expectations are met.

« Our candidates »

We have a vast database exclusively comprised of trained and experienced candidates, with excellent recommendations and most often multilingual to adapt to your culture and traditions.

Candidates have a complete file with all documents studied and reviewed (CV, cover letter, references from former employers, diplomas, certificates, identity card, driving license and criminal record, work permit, latest payslips, employment contract …)

All candidates are evaluated based on charisma, attitude, personality, career, behavior, training and skills.

« Interviews with candidates»

Documents pertaining to the candidates will be provided prior to interviews in a complete portfolio. We manage and coordinate the meetings between the clients and candidates.

For applicants who live abroad or in a location other than that of the position offered, we organize everything for a face-to-face interview with our clients (the airfare, train, hotel, taxi). This remains to the expense of the customer. Clients also have the possibility of doing an initial interview over Skype or by phone before deciding to make travel arrangements to take the process further.

« Monitoring Distributed »

This last step is very important and makes our approach unique. After having placed a candidate, we contact both the family and our candidate to assess the employment relationship. We offer post-hire support so that regardless of your concern, we will always be there for you.

Safety, discretion and trust are not easily obtained when recruiting house staff. This is why My Sweet Days offers its expert services to complete this very important task which requires time, experience and rigor. 

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Our philosophy


Listening to our customers

Because every family is different, My Sweet Days takes the time to meet with you to understand your needs in order to propose only the most adequate candidates. But placement is only the first step of our Mission. We are committed to a continued communication and offer replacement solutions if necessary.


Find the person who fits you.

The My Sweet Days team will never suggest candidates only because they hold solid references. We give great importance to the alchemy that may exist between families and our professionals. This is why one of our aims is to get to know you, in order to present the candidates whose temperament suits you the most.


Shared values

The nanny you choose will have an influence on the emotional, relational and intellectual evolution of your child. Therefore, we ensure that the nannies who are selected for you share your values ​​and your vision on education.

Therefore, we ensure that the nannies who are selected for you share your values ​​and your vision on education.