Part Time Nanny

Part-Time My Sweet Days’s Nannies go beyond watching your children. They team up with you to ensure that your children’s emotional, social, and physical needs are met.

We want your child to flourish by learning and having fun!

The duties of a part-time nanny vary based on household needs but typically include things like personal care (dressing, hygiene, meal prep, and feeding), planning educational and recreational activities, frequent school drop off and pick-up, maintaining an appropriate daily routine, and more.

After School Nanny

Childcare is available for half days for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Where required, we ensure that all part time nannies are in possession of a car, clean driving license and insurance.


After school nanny | min. CHF 25/h gross

Nanny à temps partiel

Part Time Nanny

Childcare is available for half days – minimum of 4 hours per day. Either mornings or afternoon part time nanny to look after your baby or toddler, preparing age related activities, going to the park, play groups, making healthy meals, potty training, taking them to doctors appointments.


Part time nanny | min. CHF 25/h brut

Part Time Nannies Duties

Nannies’ duties are related to the well-being and daily routines of children:

  • planning and preparation of meals
  • doing their laundry and tidying up their bedroom
  • doing specific groceries
  • providing support during homework
  • taking them to school, to social and out-of-school activities
  • providing support during homework
  • implementation of a daily routine.

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