How to find the perfect Nanny ?

How to find the perfect Nanny ?

How to know if the nanny I offered the position to is (truly) the one 

Whether it is the first or fifth time that you are hiring a nanny, chances are that part of you still needs reassurance, even if the choice feels like the right one.  

Going through an agency would have given you peace of mind, for sure. You know that candidates have relevant experience, good references and that they went through a thorough recruitment process before being introduced to you. They were hand-picked for you based on a selection of criteria you would have discussed with your agent. 

But even with all these guaranties, when it comes to our children, we tend to second-guess ourselves– yes, doubting our decisions is part of the parental software you downloaded at the maternity. Here are some signs to look out for that should help you sleep better and comfort you in your choice.   

The interview went off script 

During the interview, time just flew by, and you often talked about things other than the actual role. Unless you don’t appreciate chatty people – if that is the case and you are the parent of a toddler, fear not, the number of words per minute tends to drop drastically in their teenage years. Otherwise, it is a good sign. It means communication was easy, and that you made your nanny feel comfortable with you. You probably have a similar energy and the transition period with your child should be smooth.  

She anticipated your questions 

Not only did your nanny answer your questions brilliantly, but she replied to some of them before you even had to ask. By doing so, she is not only meeting your expectation, she also displayed her ability to know what you were getting at. This should reassure you on her ability to meet your expectations and is a sign that you communicate in a similar fashion. And we know that the number one success factor in any relationship is communication – that and cake-baking skills, but mainly communication.  

She asked good questions 

There is not such a thing a bad question. The worst would be if your nanny had no questions at all. However, if she asked as many if not more questions about your child, her routine, her interests, her personality than questions about the logistic aspects of the role, it is a great sign. You have found a passionate educator who is already trying to picture ways she could successfully be working with you and your child. Bonus points if she enquires about the values you want to pass on to your child.  

She took her time to accept the position 

It is not necessarily a negative thing if she said yes straight away. Some professionals have enough experience and intuition to be able to give you an answer straight away. But if she takes her time to consider your offer, you don’t need to worry either. Depending on the role, it is understandable if she takes a couple of days to reach a decision. If she accepts the position, it will be because she knows for sure that she could make a good team with you to contribute to your child’s education. 

You can’t wait for her to start 

After your final interview, you should feel enthusiastic about your nanny starting. Your nanny is an integral part of yours and your child’s life. Beyond her experience, her references and her educational approach, she has a personality and values that you must like. You are not hiring a friend, but if you appreciate this person, it will be easier for everyone to find their marks, get along and communicate.  

Don’t worry, if you do not tick all these boxes, it is not necessarily a bad sign. Many candidates can be stressed during the interview, and you need to take into account potential language or cultural differences. However, if your nanny meets these criteria AS WELL as having been validated by an agency, you are off to a very good start. You can now sleep peacefully – maybe not quite as our beloved children always give us reasons to keep up awake, don’t they ? 

What about you ? When did you know that you chose the right nanny? 

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