International Nanny Placement

For 10 years, My Sweet Days has been successfully placing Nannies and Governesses with international families.

Our passion for rigourous work and our empathy with families contributed to reinforce our reputation beyond Switzerland, explaining why most of our international clients come through personal recommendation.

My Sweet Days’ concern to its candidates’ success and fulfilment also makes it a trusted partner and allowed the agency to build an international network of dedicated professionals.

Contact one of our expert consultants to talk through your requirements so we can start the search today. Alternatively, complete the Registration Form below and as soon as we receive it we would be delighted to discuss your requirements further.

International Nannies

Our international career nannies and governesses are highly trained and qualified, including working as a nanny overseas, and are mostly formally qualified in childcare, teaching or similar. 

Schedule and Rate

In Europe nannies will work between 8-10 hours per day, Monday to Friday and an additional two week nights of babysitting. If you require the nanny to work during the weekend, she should be given 2 full days off during the week or extra payment.

In Asia, Africa and Middle East, nannies will work usually between 10-12 hour per day, 6 days per week.


Salaries vary according to experience and conditions of employment. As a guideline, net salaries start at:

  • Europe: EUR 900+ net per week
  • Europe: EUR 1’200+ net per week
  • Worldwide: EUR 1’300+ net per week

We can help you find a permanent, professional career nanny wherever you are based.