Professional Nanny Services
Placement in Switzerland

We recruit experienced, qualified and knowledgeable nannies for full-time or part-time positions in Geneva, Lausanne, Zürich or wherever you need in Switzerland. They may, according to your wish, reside within your family (live in) or be present only during the day (live out).

Our nannies are mostly formally trained in childcare and will have at least three years of childcare experience, often within the private home setting or nurseries.

A professional career Nanny will be fully capable of providing sole charge of your child/children, will be well-versed in all aspects of child development and able to arrange and encourage age-appropriate activities which stimulate the child’s overall development, as well as overseeing your child’s physical needs are all being met. 

Nanny duties

Nannies will be responsible for all ‘nursery duties’, everything related to the children : from ensuring all their physical needs are met (feeding, cooking/preparing their meals, changing, dressing, personal hygiene, nap times/bedtime) to attending to their room and belongings (laundry of children’s clothes, ironing, shopping for clothes and toys, tidying of their bedrooms and play areas).

Live out Nanny

  • A normal working day would usually be between 8-10 hours for live-out Nannies, depending on individual family needs.
  • If extra babysitting is required, Clients arrange to pay extra.
  • There is a minimum of four weeks’ paid holiday plus National Bank holidays.

Live in Nanny

  • Live in Nannies usually work a 5 or 6 day week. They may work either twelve hours per day or provide twenty-four hour cover. If you require the Nanny to work over weekends, she should be given extra days off during the week in lieu, or be paid extra.
  • A normal working day would usually be a maximum of twelve hours for live-in Nannies, unless agreed otherwise before the position commences. 
  • Live-in Nannies will babysit two nights per week as part of their contract. If extra babysitting is required, Clients usually arrange to pay extra or give time off in lieu.
  • Live-in nannies need to be provided with their own bedroom & bathroom within the family home, or with a form of separate accommodation (separate flat, annexe with a separate entrance or similar).

Nanny Salary

Salaries vary depending on individual job requirements and the level of experience & qualifications of the Nanny, with more experienced nannies understandably commanding higher salaries.

Average full-time (43 – 45 hours per week) salaries in Switzerland for live-in and live-out nannies:

Nanny Junior 1 – 3 years experience : CHF 3’800 – CHF 4’500
Nanny plus de 4 years experience : CHF 4’200 – CHF 5’000
Nanny 3y experience + childcare degree : CHF 4’500 – CHF 6’000