How it works

My Sweet Days is committed to treat each client in a personalised way and to take the time to understand families’ needs. Our contracts reflect our values: they are drafted with transparency and integrity to make your experience as smooth as possible. Our objective is to cover all the blind spots and constitute the spine of the relationship that links the agency to the families and nannies. Our terms and conditions are considered a standard in the industry, from both our clients and our network of professionals.


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Key Steps

  1. Registration

    Telephone with one of our expert consultants to talk through your requirements and understand your needs

  2. Meet high calibre candidates

    As soon as we identify a great fit for your family, the candidates resume is emailed to you. We will also schedule and coordinate all interviews

  3. 3 days trial

    Free of agency fees for the candidates selected

  4. Expert advices

    On various practical information and more specifically on how to properly employ the chosen candidate

  5. Contract

    Employment contract, confidentiality agreement and a detailed positions’ duties will be provided

  6. Post-placement support

    Over the whole period a My Sweet Days candidate is engaged with you.

Commited to High Standard Services