Personal Assistant

Certified with a degree and at least 5 years of professional experience, our qualified Personal Assistants (PA) or Family Assistant will serve each member of your family according to their needs and organize every aspect of your private and professional life.

My Sweet Days places and recruits PAs, Family Assistant and House Manager for temporary or long-term positions in Switzerland.

PA’s duties

  • Administrative procedure and letters
  • Family schedule
  • Bills, expenses and accounts management
  • Management and supervision of domestic employees in various properties
  • Travel planning and booking (flights, hotels, restaurants, activities)
  • Organize the hosting of receptions
  • Personal shopping

PA’s salary

Salaries depend on experience, age, education and the specifications of the job.

For reference only (gross salary):

Swiss PA: CHF 6’500 – 10’000

Our Placement Process

« Top notch PA »

We enjoy a large network of experimented, multilingual family assistant or PA with a strong sense of discretion.
Our candidates are assessed on their charisma, attitude, personality, career path, education and skills.

“Interviews with candidates”

We act as a link between families and PA throughout the whole process. From a first contact via Skype, a phone interview or a trial period, My Sweet Days organizes everything, including transportation and hotel booking*.

*these additional costs are borne by the client

“Consulting and contracts”

Once the PA is selected, we fine tune the job specifications, and draft the employment and confidentiality contracts. We also provide information and tips regarding taxes, social charges and other useful procedures.

“A long-term relationship”

After the placement, we regularly contact the family and the candidate to asses the working relationship.
We offer a post-placement support regardless of your concerns.

My Sweet Days can help you hire a Personal Assistant or a House Manager in Switzerland