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A Rota nanny works in a rotation system with other nannies. A Rota nanny usually works 2 weeks, followed by a two-weeks break, but they are cases of longer shifts depending on the family requirements.

Rota nannies are required to work 24/7, when on duty. They are of course entitled for breaks whenever the baby sleeps and would typically do so during the night.

Our Rota nannies usually work for Royal and high profile families, celebrities, who travel frequently, sometimes on super yachts. In a busy households, where parents have an intense social life, a Rota Nanny is essential to provide a continuous and high standard childcare.
Salaries are higher for this exclusive service.

My Sweet Days provide International Rota Nannies also in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Monaco, Paris, Prague.

Rota Nanny duties

Rota nannies duties are related to the well-being and daily routines of children:

  • planning and preparation of meals
  • doing laundry and tidying up the child’s bedroom
  • organisation of educational and fun activities
  • implementation of a daily routine
  • accompanying children to school, to social and out-of-school activities
  • homework support
  • travel with the family
  • On call 24/24

Rota Nanny salary

Salaries depend on experience, age, degrees, and the specifications of each job and the country.

  • EUR 5’000+ per month
  • GBP 4’500+ per month

Our Placement Process

“Top Notch Nanny”

We enjoy a large network of experimented, multilingual nannies with a strong sense of discretion.
Our candidates are assessed on their charisma, attitude, personality, career path, education and skills.

“Interviews with candidates”

We act as a link between families and nannies throughout the whole process. From a first contact via Skype, a phone interview or a trial period, My Sweet Days organizes everything, including transportation and hotel booking*.

*these additional costs are borne by the client

“Consulting and contracts”

Once the nanny is selected, we fine tune the job specifications, and draft the employment and confidentiality contracts. We also provide information and tips regarding taxes, social charges and other useful procedures.

“A long-term relationship”

After the placement, we regularly contact the family and the candidate to asses the working relationship.
We offer a post-placement support regardless of your concerns.

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