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One of our consultants will contact you within 48 hours after receiving the form below.

Upon receipt of the application form, if your profile and professional experience match our selection criteria, a consultant will invite you to undergo a preliminary interview to discuss your background and your goals.

In order to better represent you in front of our customers and promote your candidacy, we require a number important details and documents relating to your background and career.

A complete and neatly organized file will give substantially increase your chances of working in a prestigious and privileged setting.

Furthermore, as a high-end recruitment firm, we must ensure the safety of our customers and recruit only the most serious, trained and experienced candidates of the field.

Here is the list of documents that we require from our candidates to be selected and added to our database :
. CV/Resume
. Cover letter
. Photo (taken less than 3 months ago)
. Reference letter from last three jobs
. Contact details of last three employers (e-mail, phone, name and address or contact details of the person in charge of your recruitment)
. Latest salary slips from last three jobs
. Last two or three work contracts
. Diplomas and certificates (if obtained)
. ID
. Criminal record
. Driving license
. Work permit and residence permit for non-EU citizens